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A website is a very important part in a company's marketing methods.

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Web design

A web site is a very important part concerning the marketing methods of a company. Our team realises great/successful web sites: we combine the customized design with the key-message which makes the brand to be known…

The platforms used

Depending on the client’s needs we choose a platform easy to use, complex and safe. The platforms we use are the following: WordPress, Magneto, OpenCart, Prestashop, but also a few more…

The time of execution

We can deliver big and complex projects in a quite short time. The time of execution depends both on us and you. If we receive the information we need quickly we can realise the application faster…

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Refreshsite offers professional web design solutions, consultancy and online marketing, site’s realization, virtual store’s development, design and making web applications and thematic and complex portals, development of social networks, maintenance, complete services of webhosting and technical support for all the services we offer.

We can say we have accumulated the necessary experience in order to take care of your web project in all its development phases: from the phase of concept and design, during the implementation, until the final testing but also after that, for administration, for maintenance. All our websites answer to the principles of web optimizing (SEO) and have an exclusive content, being conceived so that your company be able to gain all the advantages that the virtual world can offer.

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Presentation sites

Presentation sites are, in general, sites which have some static pages used to present the company’s services or products; information about the trading company; contact and a form through which the site visitors can contact with that company’s staff.

Ecomerce- online store

An online store has a real success if it is accessible to the clients, if it offers an enjoyable experience and if it’s easy to use, has a friendly structure with the users less acquainted with the internet, if it owns an exclusive identity which makes it different from the competition, and, last but not least, if it’s easy to manage.

Mobile Webdesign

The site optimizing for telephone and pad is very important because their number is bigger than the one of computers and is still rising. We are living in the speed century and we always need more information. If your site is optimized for a mobile phone you have a lot of chances to be found very easy.

Desktop applications

The desktop applications help you to work online, to store some dates but also to make some estimations.
In general, we deal with companies which need a program for keeping the evidence of their products, but this is not our only purpose.
Every company can have its own customised desktop application, easy to access and to use.

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I don't always write good things about something or someone, but Refreshsite deserves it. Their professionalism and promptitude need to be appreciated."

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""We have worked with Refresh site for the site I'm very happy about the result, it's simple, concret, airy,professional""

− Mihai Ticudean -

""Like any other company I wished a site with all the details but not very busy . Refreshsite came with the solution and realised a site for my own taste. They have listened to my opinions and managed to make in the end what I wanted.""

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