GOOGLE Adwords

What are the optimized campaigns?

The optimized campaigns allow you to easily manage the direction, the sales( the prices) and complex announcements on differents platforms, like mobile gadgets and computers, all included in the same campaign. The administration of the account was also consolidated for tablets and desktops. Furthermore, optimized campaigns allow you to reduce the total number of campaigns because you don’t need to create anymore an individual campaign for every type of device or certified location.

Optimized campaigns can help you to save time and improve the Adwords results due to some new functions like:

  • advanced publicity instruments, for a world with a variety of devices: the posibily of administration the sums for many devices, locations and hours (for exemple the raise of the sum of the auction when the announcement is made on mobile devices or for the users who are close to the store(less than 1 km).
  • more intelligents announcements, optimized for differents utilisation contexts: the possibility of displaying the commercial, the sitelink, the proper application or extension, depending on the context in which the potential customers are and the gadgets they use.
  • advanced reports for the quantification of the new types of conversion: the possibility to follow new types of converstion, like the calls, the digital content’s downloads and the conversions from more devices..

The announcements from the optimized campaigns
In general, the different types of announcements will be eligible to show up for all the gadgets (computers, desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones), allow yourself to administrate easily the announcements. However, it’s possible that sometimes you want to customise the advertising texts or the announcements’ extensions in order to bring to customers’s attention when they see the announcements on a mobile gadget.